Operation Steeplechase

            OPERATION STEEPLECHASE     Combined operation against Naxalites   The Naxalite–Maoist insurgency, officially referred to as the Left Wing Extremism (LWE),[irrelevant citation] is an ongoing conflict between Maoist groups known as Naxalites or Naxals (a group of communists supportive of Maoist political sentiment and ideology) and the Indian government. The … Read more

Operation Vijay

          OPERATION VIJAY       Goa Liberation War   Goa Liberation Struggle, Goa Liberation Movement, or Goa Liberation Struggle refers to the entire struggle that was done to liberate Goa from Portugal. When the British were ruling over large areas of India, Goa, Daman, and Diu were ruled by Portugal. … Read more

Golden Temple Raid I

Golden Temple Raid I   Punjabi Suba Chav   The Punjabi Suba Movement was a long-drawn political movement, started by the Sikhs, demanding the creation of a Punjabi-speaking Suba, or Punjabi state, in the post-independence Indian state of East Punjab. Led by the Akali Dal, its As a result the state of Punjab was formed, … Read more

Operation Polo

  OPERATION POLO   Operation Polo was the name of the Indian Army’s covert operation in September 1948 in which the last Nizam of Hyderabad was overthrown from power and Hyderabad was made a part of India. It is worth noting that after the independence of India, when the Indian Union was being formed, the … Read more

9 June to 23 June

language- English Word-  Non – Copyright Photo Required, Non Copyright Content DMCA with dmca Logo H1, H2, H3, or paragraph Model Project Value:- Not Announced Project Agreement- India today network to onlinejobsfordataentry (NB27, teamC)       Sr. No. Names of Operation Year Location Notes 1 Operation Polo 1948 Hyderabad Indian armed forces ended the … Read more

Steve Ballmer

        STEVE BALLMER     BIOGRAPHY   Steven Anthony “Steve” Ballmer (born 24 March 1956) has been the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation since January 2000. As of 2010, he is one of the richest people in the world 2010 with an estimated personal wealth of $14.5 billion. Steven Anthony Ballmer … Read more

Mukesh Ambani

      MUKESH AMBANI   BIOGRAPHY:-   Who Is Mukesh Ambani Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is popularly known as Mukesh Ambani. He is an Indian businessman, entrepreneur, and famous industrialist. Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India as well as the whole of Asia, he was born on 19 April 1957 in Aden, the … Read more

Sergey Brin

        SERGEY BRIN   BIOGRAPHY:-   Sergei Mikhailovich Brin (born August 21, 1973), is a Russian American computer scientist, software developer, and entrepreneur who co-founded Google, Inc. with Larry Page. Co-Founder of Google, the world’s largest Internet company based on its search engine and online advertising technology. Brin immigrated to the United … Read more

Larry Page

      LARRY PAGE     BIOGRAPHY:-   Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973, in Michigan, United States. Larry Page’s father, Dr. Carl Page, and his mother, Gloria Page, both worked in the field of computer science. Carl Page was one of the first few Ph.D. graduates from the University of Michigan. … Read more

Warren Buffett

      WARREN BUFFETT   BIOGRAPHY   One of the world’s richest men, whom the world’s richest man Bill Gates considers his best friend and inspiration. A boy from a simple family who teaches the world that it matters more than being the richest whether you can be the kindest or not. Such a … Read more