ITC शेयर details

            ITC शेयर details   यह एक भारतीय समूह है जो होटल, एफएमसीजी, पैकेजिंग, पेपरबोर्ड कृषि व्यवसाय आदि जैसे कई अलग-अलग उद्योगों में फैला हुआ है। यह एक बहु-उद्योग कंपनी को एक समूह (एक कॉर्पोरेट समूह) के तहत अन्य क्षेत्रों में काम करने वाली कई व्यावसायिक संस्थाओं को जोड़ता है। … Read more

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Operation Shivalik

          OPERATION SHIVALIK     Many Sikh and Hindu groups, as well as organizations not affiliated with any religion, have attempted to establish peace between the Khalistan proponents and the Government of India. Akalis continued to witness the radicalization of Sikh politics, fearing disastrous consequences. In response, President Harchand Singh Longowal … Read more

Operation Red Rose

          OPERATION RED ROSE     The Khalistan Movement   The Khalistan movement is a Sikh separatist movement seeking to create a homeland for Sikhs by establishing a sovereign state, called Khālistān (‘Land of the Khalsa’), in the Punjab region. The proposed state would consist of land that currently forms Punjab, … Read more

Operation Black Thunder I

          OPERATION BLACK  THUNDER I       Khalistan Movement   Khalistan is the name given to the nation proposed by Sikh separatists in the Punjab province of India. The territorial claim of Khalistan includes the existing Indian province of Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and some areas of the … Read more

Operation Woodrose

          OPERATION WOODROSE     Operation Woodrose was a military operation carried out by the Indira Gandhi-led Indian government in the months after Operation Blue Star to “prevent the outbreak of widespread public protest” in the state of Punjab. The government arrested all prominent members of the largest Sikh political party, … Read more

Operation Blue Star

            OPERATION BLUE STAR   Operation Blue Star was an operation carried out by the Indian Army from 3 to 6 June 1984 to liberate the Harimandir Sahib complex in Amritsar (Punjab, India) from pro-Khalistan Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his supporters. The separatist forces under the leadership of Bhindranwale were … Read more

Amalgamation of Sikkim

        AMALGAMATION OF SIKKIM   Indian Army disarmed and disbanded the Royal Guard of the Sikkimese King, after which Sikkim joined India as the State of India. Weather Sikkim · Information in India. Language and translation of India (BG) State in the south-east. English, Bhutia Khas language, Lipicha, Bhutia, Limbu Hindi language … Read more