ITC company is a very old company. This company was established in 1910 AD as Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. This company has set a record in a very short time and it completed its 100 years in 2010 AD.

Apart from all these things, this company has opened more than 60 ITC centers all over India and employs more than 25000 employees.

This company used to produce products like cigarettes in its early times, but at present, this company can work on five different types of business areas in a single day. ITC is a very big company and many products are manufactured here.



ITC is an Indian organization company, that is why this company is also known as a Multinational and multi-industry Company.

Apart from all these things, ITC Company is considered to be one of the most prominent private sector subgroups of India which operates in five different business sectors. ITC’s headquarter is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Present-day Sanjeev Puri was appointed as the CEO of ITC in March 2017 AD.

This company is an Indian Union company which is a combination of two or more corporations. At present, these ITCs work in different types of business.

In addition, ITC is controlled by a corporate group. This group is called a group of major private sectors of India. It serves five different business segments viz.

1. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

2. Hotels

3. Paperboards & Packaging

4. Agri-Business

5. Information Technology


ITC  (Indian Tobacco company)


ITC stands for Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited.

Its former name has now changed to Indian Tobacco Company as the company has shifted to the Indian environment.

ITC was established on August 24, 1910.


About ITC and History

ITC was earlier known as Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. Taking it further in 1970, its name was changed to Indian Tobacco Company.

This multinational conglomerate company is known as I.T.C Limited since 1974. Its headquarter is in Kolkata, West Bengal.



ITC started its journey as a British-owned company registered in Calcutta. It focused on agricultural resources, so it partnered with farmers in 1911 for tobacco leaves.
ITC started its hotel business under the name “ITC – Welcome Group Hotel Chola” in 1975 when it acquired the hotel based in Chennai.
Today the total market value of ITC company is more than Rs 70000 crores and every year this company does a business of more than Rs 12000 crores.



ITC was established as a British-owned company, but has grown over the years and is now recognized as an Indian multinational company.


No, TATA is not the sole owner of ITC. The largest shareholder in ITC is British American Tobacco plc, which holds 29.4% of the shares in ITC.

What is the main purpose of ITC?

ITC is a company that primarily seeks to deliver high and sustainable interest factor values ​​and improve the wealth creation potential of the enterprise in a globalizing environment.


What are the main products of ITC?



The International Trade Center was established by the World Trade Organization in 1964. The headquarter of the International Trade Center is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Establishment of the International Trade Center It was created to provide technical assistance related to trade in the WTO.




Independent Telephone Company is a company that provides a permanent service in Canada and the United States of America. This company is mainly designed to run in rural and sparsely populated areas.

In today’s time, ITC Limited is such a name that the population of the whole of India has joined it. All the products of the company have become an important part of people’s life at this time. ITC Company has achieved considerable success in changing the image of a cigarette maker.

On 24 August 1910 AD, this company started as a tobacco company but today it has become the largest diversified company in the country. Today, in any field, personal care, food, cigarette, hotel, agribusiness, etc. ITC is present everywhere. People believe that ITC Limited is such a company that there is no word like a full stop in the dictionary.

The first Indian chairman of ITC was Ajit Narayan Kasar in 1969. In 1974 AD, the name of ITC Company was changed to ITC Limited. In 1975, ITC Company entered the hotel business by purchasing a hotel in Chennai. The biggest motive of ITC going into the hotel business was to earn a lot from the foreign exchange, provide a large number of jobs and establish a tourism infrastructure.


What are the products and brands of ITC?


Cigarettes – More than 275 million people use tobacco which is worth 35 thousand crores in the markets. ITC Ltd. sells 80% of the cigarettes in the Indian markets.

Foods – The most important food brands of ITC are Ashirwad, Sunfeast, Candyman, Yippie, Bingo, etc. The company operates the food business in four different segments snack food staples ready eat food confectionery etc.

Personal Care Products – Manufacturers of Hair Care Body Care Perfumes, etc.

Lifestyle Apparel – John Pearce Wills Lifestyle etc.

Stationery & Paperboard – Classmate Color Crew, Paper Craft, etc.

Incense sticks and safety matches – I am safety matches, ship, mangal deep incense sticks, etc.

Information Technology – ITC Limited in the Information Technology sector as ITC InfoTech India Ltd functions as the fifth company at the SEI CMM level.

Package & Printing – ITC Limited provides printing and packaging services for the export and domestic market.


In which 5 business sectors do the ITC company operate?

ITC LIMITED works in the areas of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging, Agri-Business, and Information Technology.


What is the purpose of ITC?

The objective of ITC is primarily to provide high and sustainable interest factor values ​​and improve the wealth creation potential of the enterprise in the globalization environment.


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