Instagram Followers कैसे बढ़ाये? (How to increase followers on Instagram)

How to increase Instagram Followers? , 50 Ways Boost Followers




One day I searched on the Internet that how to increase Instagram followers. And I also got many website applications. With the help of Free & Paid Instagram Followers could be boosted. Here 50 ways of Instagram Followers Increase have been told. Real social media are used to increase followers.


I used many free tools and I got many followers too, but after a few days, all the followers automatically got reduced from my Instagram account and remained as many followers as before. Perhaps many of you have used these tricks and they must have known about it.

Today, with the help of the tricks that I am going to tell here to increase Instagram Followers, increase Real Followers, and also increase popularity on Instagram.

If you will have good followers on your account and good likes and comments keep coming to your post, then you can also earn money online from your Instagram account.




How to increase Instagram Followers?


Now the trick that I am going to tell you about is not a software or tool. These are all official tips for Instagram through which real social media followers can be increased and I always follow these tips.


There are some hidden ways by which people immediately create 1000 to 100k followers on their profile, but this does not help and all the followers gradually decrease. If you use this kind of technique then there will be no engagement on your profile. Likes on your post will be seen only by those who are your real followers.


So here I am not telling about any liker tool but I am telling about the 100% method which will be an evergreen way for you and you can always boost your profile in this way.

All the people among you who know about how to earn money from Instagram, then you must know this very well, if you want to earn money from Instagram, then you have an Instagram page that has a lot of followers.


So that if you promote a product, then clicks come on it from which you earn or brand deals are also available only after seeing Followers and Audience Engagement, if you have millions of followers on any page, if the Likes & Comments Ratio on it is very less then like this I will not get any Brand Deals on it.


In the rush of Instagram Followers Increase, many people buy Followers, which does not have any benefit because in the beginning the followers increase on your page but they also decrease gradually, that’s why you should never buy. needed.

That is why through this post we have told you about the Genuine Ways to Increase Instagram Followers, which is very useful for you, that is why you must follow all these tips on your page.



50 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers


If you want to increase Real Followers on your Instagram, then you must know how to increase these followers because there are more Instagram accounts with more followers. Those people have also increased their followers on their accounts by following these tips.

A bonus for you guys from this blog of ours is that you should never use Instagram Followers to increase these Apps because some of those apps are like this. So keep the login details of your account with you, due to which your Instagram account can also be H*Ck.

Let us now know about Instagram Follower Increase Tricks so that anyone can gain Followers on their account.



1. Optimize Your Profile and Bio


The first step is to increase Instagram followers. Optimizing the account means that after creating the account, setting the profile in a proper way, such as Profile Picture, Instagram Bio, and also setting a link to your website, channel or any other account must be done.

Because when someone opens your account, first of all, he sees your Profile Picture and Bio, so it is very important to optimize your Profile Picture and Bio.





How to Optimize Instagram Bio


Write about yourself as you can see in the above image. It is told in the bio that this is a YouTuber and how he has achieved achievements.

Write about what you are interested in, such as Music, Blogging, and Photography, write all these things.

You can put a link in the profile. In such a situation, if you add any website, contact, and other links.

What are you making a profile for? Must write a CTA related to it like how many followers you have on your social media. What do you do, or what have you achieved?



2. Publish at least 1 post daily




To increase followers not only on Instagram but on any social media profile, it is very important to post daily and at what time to post the post with it. A lot of care has to be taken about this too.

According to me, if you post on Instagram at 8 am and 5 pm, you can get more engagement and get more likes and comments on the post.


The best way to regular posting is to use social media management tools, you will get much software absolutely free and for this, you do not need to pay any charge. How to increase Instagram Followers? You will get the result of this question only if you post daily and there are some top social media management tools for this.

Social Pilot




3. Use Hashtag


You must have seen on everyone’s Instagram post that they write captions before posting photos and then put some Hashtags below, do you know why this is done, what is the benefit to them?

The hashtag is used so that your post is shown to as many people as possible, now those who are being shown this post, if they like it, then they will also like and follow your post.

This is considered the easiest way to increase followers on Instagram for free. I have seen most people that they start using hashtags of [ #likes4likes, #followback, #follow4follow, #likes, #viral ] .etc type to increase Likes & Followers in their Instagram posts.

While this is a very wrong way, if you want to use Hashtags properly, then you should use Hashtags similar to your post, as if we tell you how to earn money on our page or things related to blogging.



That’s why we mostly use [#money, #onlineearning, #makemoneyonline,] some kind of Hashtag so that Instagram can understand what people should show them about the photos or videos we uploaded.

Let’s say that if I see only Gym or Fitness related content on Instagram, if you are shown videos or photos with DIY or Crafts, then you will not like or skip watching them at all.

Similarly, if you use Hashtags related to your post, then only your Instagram post will be shown in the right place and people who like your post will like it and can also follow it.

If you have just created your Instagram page, then you must use this Hashtag method, it will benefit you a lot, we ourselves apply it on our Instagram as soon as we are giving you information about it.



4. Like and comment on other’s posts


Whenever we like or comment on others’ posts on Instagram. So this shows us to be active, by doing this it is signaled to Instagram that your Instagram account is active, so the next time you publish an Instagram post, it will be reached as many people as possible.

Along with this, that user also checks your Instagram profile and will follow you if your profile is impressive.


Sometimes it also happens when we comment on someone else’s photo. So the followers of that Instagram user. They also follow you. Do you know what they know about you, but their eyes must have fallen today?

To increase Instagram Followers quickly, find some Instagram accounts that create posts similar to the kind of posts you create and follow them as soon as any new post of theirs comes, you can like & comment on their post immediately. Give it

So to do Instagram Follower Increase from now on, please like and comment on others’ posts.



5. Add Location to Instagram Post



The 5th most important tip to increase Instagram Followers is, whenever someone posts on Instagram, then definitely set the location. With this, Instagram sends its post to all the active users of that location.

With this, Likes and Engagement increase very fast and there is the highest chance of increasing the follower. Because most people like to connect with the users with the location near them.

When you go for a walk to a place and upload a photo there, then do not forget to add the location to that post because of the location, your photo is shown to all the people around there.



How to Add Location in Instagram Post?


Adding location to the post is a very simple task, when you publish the post, before that when you have to write Caption & Hashtag, then the option to add a location is also given on the same, but most people leave it blank.

According to the report we received, the people working in the Instagram team also say that we must put a location in each of our important posts, this increases the reach.


Step 1:- First of all, open the Instagram App.

Step 2: – Select any photo you want to post and come to the option before posting.




Step 3:- Now here you will be getting all these options like Tag People, Add Location, Add Music .etc, so click on Add Location here.




Step 4: – You have to turn on the location of your mobile, then this Instagram will automatically show the location where you are, and select whichever location you want to add.

Now about the benefits of this, you have already been told what will happen, you will be the active users near your entered location, and all of them will be shown the impression of your post, if they like your post then they must like it. will do.



6. Check out viral and trends to post


If you want to Boost Instagram Follower Rapidly. So do Comment, Like & Post on all such topics which are in trend and are viral, because things are viral on the internet. They come the most in search and all Social Media & Search Engines give first priority to posts related to such topics.

In such a situation, when you do posts related to Viral & trending topics, then there is a chance of increasing real followers on your account. You must have seen that all the social media influencers share the post according to the trend. If you want real Instagram followers then you also have to stay according to the trend.



You must have seen many such creators on Instagram who have become famous on Instagram only by following the trend, if you also want to be famous like them, then you must have some talent or skill, at the same time you should follow the trend. should be used.

If you do research, then see whose followers are not able to increase, they only post content on their account so that they get a few likes, whereas if they use Viral Hashtag, then you will get good likes and comments too.




7. Post at least 1 story daily


You must have heard about the Instagram Story feature. In this, we can post any photo or small video clip. Which automatically expires after 24 hours.

The advantage of putting stories is that your followers keep getting updates about you. Apart from this, your stories also go to those people who do not follow you.

While posting stories, be sure to use location and hashtags in it. The reach of your story will increase and the higher the reach, the more your chances of increasing your followers will increase.



8. Connect With Your Followers

Always be connected with your followers, if anyone comments on your Instagram post or Instagram reel video, then definitely reply to it or any of your followers’ messages on Instagram.

So please answer it. By doing this, the Audience is able to connect with you and whenever you post something new on Instagram, they immediately like and comment on that post, only with the help of that engagement can increase.



9. Use Carousel Post

You must have seen slide posts on Instagram many times, they are called Carousel, and people who want to increase followers on Instagram, they must post by making Carousel, and due to this, they get more engagement.



10. Convert Personal Account to Business Account


Before increasing Instagram followers, you must make your account a Professional Account / Business Account, by doing this you can know all your posts about an Impression, Shares & Post Save.

With the help of this, you can also know how many people have visited your account in the last 7 days and can see other similar metrics.


To switch your profile to a business account:

Step 1:- Go to your profile and click on the top right corner.

Step 2:- Go to Settings.

Step 3:- Click on Account.

Step 4:- Click on Switch to Professional Account.

Step 5:- Click on Continue.

Step 6:- Select the business option from the category.

Step 7:- Now confirm by clicking on OK.

Step 8:- Now your account has been switched to business




11. Go Live Every Week

Instagram itself also tells its users to use Instagram Live, if you also use Instagram Live, then you can follow because when you start Live Stream then your account is reached more people.


Lots of benefits of going live:

These Instagram Followers are growing fast.

The visibility of the profile increases.

This increases authority on Instagram.

Increases engagement of profiles and posts.



12. Follow your Niche’s posts and content


On whatever niche you have created your Instagram page. Follow all the brands related to it, after that as soon as they post any post on their page, do Like & Comment on all their posts.

What is your profile like? Follow other profiles like that and see how your competitors are posting. Which post of his is getting more likes and shares?



13. Analyze Your Competitors

After creating an Instagram page, you must also keep an eye on the other creators who create content similar to yours, by doing this you will get an idea, then you should create such content.

By keeping an eye on them, you will get the advantage that if a new trend has come, then you can also follow it and increase the followers on your Instagram page.



14. Use all the new features of Instagram

Whenever Instagram launches any of its new features, you must try it, the page of people who do this makes Instagram reach more and more people.

For example, if there is a new feature on Instagram Story and you have added it to your Instagram Story, then you will get more views on that story.


Such updates are happening from time to time. Use all of you because new features get early engagement.

Like 60 story engagement

Story and post music

Profile Tagging and mentioning

Use stickers and text.



15. Comment on your like post

Due to being a page with fewer followers in the initial days, more people do not know about it, for this, you can comment on the posts of everyone who creates content like you.

Or if someone has asked a question, then you can answer it by writing it in reply, due to this your followers on Instagram can also increase.



16. Use Music in Stories and Posts

If till now you are creating Normal Instagram Story. So you may not be able to get more views on it, that’s why you should learn to make Creative Instagram Stories from now on. This will help you in Instagram Follower Badhane.

For this, you must apply Trending Music in the story, because of which your story is kept on top so that more people can see your story.




17. Post a story every day between 9 am and 11 am

According to research, it has been found that if you upload your Instagram Story a little before or after 9 AM-11 AM or this time, then there is a possibility of getting more views on it.

Because this is the time when most people use their mobile and check all Instagram stories at the same time.




18. Get your post feed right

Most people upload any contact to their Instagram Feed anytime, whereas if you create a Creative Feed then there is more chance that people will follow your page.

I am trying to explain to you that if you upload a post on Feed, then Carousel and finally Reels Video in this way, then it looks great.




19. Post Quality Content on Instagram

It is true that if you upload more and more content, then automatically followers will start increasing on Instagram, but it is more important that you also focus on the quality of your content.

Because if you are only uploading content, it is not benefiting any user, then he will never follow your Instagram page.




20. Embed the post on the blog


You must have seen Instagram posts embedded in many blog posts, if you want, you can also get your post embedded in other people’s own blogs. For this, you search the blog with your niche and talk to them to get your post embedded in their blog post. You get a lot of benefits from this.



21. Share the post again

Every time the time is not the same, many times you may not even get the time to upload content on Instagram and if you want to maintain your consistency, then for that you can reupload or reshare your old content again.

I have seen many such pages when those people do not have time, they re-upload their old videos or posts in the same way, you can also increase Instagram Follower Increase by applying this trick.




22. Follow Viral Trends


Every day some new trend keeps going on Instagram, and you must take advantage of them, as soon as a new trend comes, make a video and upload it as soon as possible.

Due to trending content, more people will be able to reach your post, if they like your post, then they will also like & comment on your new content, and in the same way, your Instagram followers will also start increasing.



23. Make reels on all trending music


Today many people have made 100K to 1M and more followers on their Instagram by using Instagram Reels. If you also want to increase how many followers. So as soon as Trending Reels Music comes on Instagram.

You make Reels Video on it immediately, using this Instagram Followers Trick, many people have increased their followers. So you can do the same thing.



24. Follow Instagram Contest


Instagram Follower Badhane Ka Tarika This is also very good, you can get a contest done through your post, many people show their interest in such things, using which you can gain followers.

Many challenges and contests keep happening. Join such profiles and groups and the trend that is going on there. Make your own post and video on that type of topic.




25. Analyze Instagram Followers and post for them


There can be no better Instagram Follower Badhane Ki Trick than this, make your content like this, and after watching it, the problem of users can be solved.

When you make this kind of contact, then your post will be shared & saved more and more, for one reason Instagram goes to a good signal in the algorithm and your post will get a lot of boosts, in the same way, Instagram followers will continue to grow.



26. Use your profile ID in the watermark post


Every Content Creator must learn this thing that whatever content he is creating, definitely make a watermark on it because if someone else downloads and uploads your content to his other Instagram page, then due to being a watermark, you can also copyright it. can send.



27. Write a caption in the post


According to Instagram Algorithm, if the user stays on your post for a long time, then more impressions are shown on that post, so if you make a post by writing a good caption.

So when you stay on your post to read it, then according to Instagram Algorithm then your post will be delivered to more and more people, and if anyone likes your post then they will definitely follow your Instagram page.




28. Complete Bio


If you too have not written anything in your Instagram Bio or have written a little too much, then complete it today.

We should write such a thing in our Instagram Bio, after reading it, it can be understood what one is about on this Instagram, if someone follows him then what type of content will he get this is a small thing that will help you a lot in getting Instagram Follower Increase.




29. Create a Calendar for Instagram Posting


If you also do not understand what content should be made one day, then you can create a Content Calendar for that, with the help of which you keep writing once thinking of me what content to create in the coming 30 days.



30. Always post on time

There is also a right time to upload Instagram content, if at what time you will upload the contact, then you have a chance of getting more and more Likes & Comments.

You have to see at what time your followers are more active, you can create a Professional Account and see it in Analytics.




31. Reels show your face in the video


Instagram Reels is a medium using which you can increase all over, for this, if you show your face in all your reel videos, then the user will be able to recognize you, when later you upload any of your videos, then they must like and comment on it. could.



32. Build Connections with Instagram Influencers


Every Beginner Instagram Influencer should know that if you want to earn money by working on Instagram for a long time, then you must create a network for that, but it helps you a lot later.




33. Be Persistent


To get success in any work, it is very important to be consistent, that is why if you also want to increase your Instagram follower, then for that you have to work by being consistent.

This will benefit you a lot because when you are consistent, you will be able to upload content daily and because of this, your followers will grow like a rocket.




34. Create a Milestone and Celebrate it with Followers


This Instagram Follower Trick is also very useful if you share your Follower Milestone with your Audience then those people are able to connect with your happiness and stay connected with you emotionally.

With this, all the people who have followed you keep following you forever, and seeing these milestones, there is trust among the rest of the people, then they also follow you.




35. Share Behind The Scenes Of Your Instagram Process


I am telling a secret trick for all the people among you who make reels video, when you shoot your reel video, then make a BTS of it, you get a lot of benefits by doing this.

Because people who like your content are very interested in watching Behind the scene, that’s why you must upload those videos once or twice a month to BTS Videos.



36. Make Reels Video Engaging


All of you are not getting Reels Video Viral. They should create High-Engaging Content that you try in the initial days. Audience Retention is good by doing this if your video is only for 15-20 seconds.

Must keep Caption and Suspense in Reels Video, by doing this the video will definitely go viral. Your Instagram Followers will Increase.



37. Make Collab Videos


If you want to increase followers quickly, then collab with other brands or content creators, and both must tag or mention each other in Instagram Story and Instagram Post.

With this, if the other content creator like your content too, then they will definitely follow you.



38. Add your live video to followers


When you come to Instagram live, you can also interact with them live by adding followers to that life, by doing this trust is created with your audience. Which helps you a lot in increasing followers.



39. Give a Giveaway on completion of a Month or Milestone


Doing Instagram Giveaway is also a good way by which you can increase followers, but for this, you will have to spend some money, now you can get a Giveaway on your Instagram.

You can tell this to the people participating in the giveaway. Whoever mentors 5 people can take part in this giveaway and make a Followers Target that the Giveaway Result will be announced only after so many followers are completed.



40. Ask questions in your caption and story


While posting on Instagram, you can ask some questions in the caption that has to be written there, then when people write their answers in the comment, then your post will get a boost due to the more usefulness, and then in the same way it will help in increasing the followers.



41. Create a Poll on Story


If you want more on Instagram Story, then you must use the Poll feature in your Instagram Story, whatever people will see and vote for your story, then by doing this your story will be shown on top.



42. Live and reply to the comment coming on the post


Many times it happens that some content creators set a like and comment target in their video, then people who like their video share that video on their Instagram story in order to get that target done.

By doing this your video is delivered to all those people who have not followed you, you can also get likes and comments on your videos as well as your Instagram Follower also increases.



43. Asked 5 people to mention in the post


In the post or reels video, definitely ask people to mention because when someone mentions his friends in the comment and when his friends see your video, if they liked your video, that’s why they can also follow you. Huh.




44. Share Instagram account analytics


Many times it happens that your follower increases a bit in the last 7 days or if a video becomes viral, then how many impressions came on it, and how many people saved your principle A, you can take screenshots and put them on your Instagram story.

By sharing such things, you can also follow because all the content creators keep watching and learning from each other.




45. Ask Your Audience for Content Ideas


When you do not understand on which topic a video should be made, you can ask your audience about it, by doing these many people are increasing good followers by making videos on those topics.




46. ​​Make the Story Good


Creating Instagram Stories is very important to increase Instagram Followers, if you create high-quality Instagram Stories, then you will get a lot of benefit from it because this type of story comes more properly.



47. Do not post different from your topic


I have seen many such Instagram pages where the topic on which that page was started gradually starts uploading different videos or content from their topic even when you should not do so at all.

If you are not getting the result then there is no need to panic, if you keep making regular content then you will definitely get its result.



48. Post-targeting controversies


If you want to increase followers on Instagram quickly, then you can criticize or even dispute with other creators for that, but you should do this work on your own responsibility because it increases followers.

If you do not upload later, then all those people can also unfollow your page again.




49. Ask about your audience


If you want to become a good Instagram Influencer So for that you have to find out that your audience likes to see this kind of content.






Do share all your Instagram posts and reels in your Instagram story and if some of your friends can also share your post in your Instagram story then definitely ask them to share.

These are such ways to increase Instagram followers. Using which Instagram Followers Increase is done. These are all the real methods that top social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer recommend. In such a situation, if you want to increase the followers on your Instagram profile, then definitely see them and share this post on social media. So that other people can get information about it.




Shailesh Chaudhary is the Author & Co-Founder of the He has also completed his graduation in Computer Engineering from Kanpur(UP). He is passionate about Blogging & Digital Marketing.

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