कम कीमत में iPhone 14 Buy करने का तरीका – Buy iPhone At Lowest Price

How to Buy iPhone 14 at Lowest Price – Buy iPhone At Lowest Price





Buy iPhone At Lowest Price:- Recently iPhone 14 has been launched, which is priced from ₹ 79,000 to ₹ 1,39,000, now it does not matter if every person can buy such expensive mobile but There are offers where you can buy these smartphones at cheap prices.

At this time, the craze of buying an iPhone has increased a lot in India too, where earlier only a few people used to see the iPhone, then now most people get the iPhone in their hands.

If you are also thinking of buying this mobile, then today we have told you about how to buy an iPhone for less money.

Are you also wanting to buy iPhone at Discount Price, then for that we have told you four or five ways, using which you can get Heavy Discount on buying Apple Mobile.




How To Buy iPhone At Discount Price?


In today’s time buying a mobile or any expensive thing has become a bit easy because now you have EMI options where you can pay the price of a mobile or other product in easy installments but we can help you to take a loan or EMI to buy iPhone. Not talking about getting it done.

There are many such ways, with the help of which you can fulfill your dream of buying an iPhone, you do not even need to spend much money for that, if I tell you now that you can buy an iPhone for only 30 thousand rupees, then you will not believe my words.

That is why in the same way we will tell you how you can buy iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and all these Pro & Max variants for less than their original price.



#1. Wait for the new iPhone to be released

As you must be very well aware that Apple launches its mobiles every year and as soon as the new iPhone is launched, the price of its old model is reduced because most people want to buy the new iPhone.

If you look, you will not see much change in iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, so if you are going to buy a new iPhone, which costs 80 thousand rupees, then why should you not buy the same mobile i.e. iPhone 13?

In the same way, you can also take a look at iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 because Apple phones work well for many years and both models are not very old either.



#2. Buy at Amazon Great Indian Sale


Amazon Shopping Website Every few months, whenever a big festival is about to come, they give the best offers on every product to their customers to do their marketing, so before taking the iPhone, you can wait for the Great Indian Festival Sale to start on Amazon. Is.

The good thing is that this sale has also started on 23 September 2022, where you can get a discount of up to 40% on buying an iPhone, so do not miss this offer at all, maybe later you will get this phone at a lower price. Do not meet

The heavy discount is being told on all variants of iPhone 11 to iPhone 13, their discount price has not been revised at present, which is why we are not able to tell you the exact price. For more information, you can check the price from 23 September 2022 onwards.



#3. Buy on Flipkart Big Billion Days


The way the sale runs on Amazon, similarly Flipkart also starts Big Billion Days or BBD to increase its marketing, where many products get good discounts. We wait for it and are able to buy our essential goods at a low price in this sale.

So if we talk about buying an iPhone at a discount price, then I would consider Flipkart better here because they have also told us their prices and which iPhone can be bought for how much rupees.

iPhone 13, which is currently priced at Rs.69K on Flipkart Big Billion Days, can get it for just Rs.50,000. Those who have taken Flipkart Plus Member will be able to use this deal from 22nd September onwards.

As we told you that you can buy an iPhone for just 30 thousand rupees, then we were talking about the iPhone 11, whose design is liked by most people, if you want to buy this phone, which is a very There might be a better deal.

Where you can buy iPhone 11 for only 30 thousand rupees, in today’s time Android mobiles can come at this price and you are getting iPhone for the same amount, so why should anyone be behind?



#4. Can buy a refurbished phone


If you have a very less budget and you are thinking of buying an iPhone, then in this situation you can buy Refurbished iPhone, which means that some companies who want to sell their iPhone Mobiles By buying mobiles from them, Sell it you in the right condition.

For this, there is 2 very big refurbished company which is considered to be the best 2guds which is a sub-brand of Flipkart, and other is Cashify although Amazon also sells Renewed Mobiles I could not find iPhone on their site while selling is why about it. Has not been told.

Now this question will be in your mind whether it will be right to buy old mobile or not, otherwise, I want to tell you that both the refurbished mobile selling company is trusted, it first checks the condition of the mobile and then buys them.

For more information, you can also see Refurbished Mobiles Review on YouTube, where you can buy the cheapest iPhone, I saw some iPhone XR which were available for only 25 thousand rupees, now it depends on you That’s how cheap you get the deal.



#5. Buy iPhone with Exchange Offer


Before buying an iPhone, you must be using some or the other smartphone and when you buy a new iPhone, after that you will not be able to use the old one, it is better that you convert it into Exchange Offer.

Here the Exchange Offer means that the company will take the old mobile from you and whatever its cost, they will reduce that money to the new iPhone. This Exchange Offer is available on all iPhones, so let’s say that the price of iPhone 14 is 79 thousand rupees and your old mobile is being sold for 7-8 thousand rupees.

So according to this, you will get this iPhone 14 for only 70 thousand rupees, if you still want a discount after this, then you should have HDFC Credit Card or ICICI Credit Card, and you can get a discount of up to 10% on paying with these cards.



#6. Discount is available on giving student ID


Very few people are aware that on buying any Apple products, they get a 10% discount by applying Student ID or College ID, to get this discount, you go to Apple’s website and there any Give your college ID while ordering the product.

When all the things are verified, you will automatically get a discount of 10%, you can go to the official website of Apple to know all these things, and how this discount works.



#7. Wait for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday


Heavy discounts are available on many things on the time of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, out of which you can also buy Apple products at cheap prices, when it came to Best Offers Days, then the maximum discount could be available on Black Friday only. Is.

So when you have also made up your mind to take iPhone 14 Pro Max and you do not want to hurry too much, then you can wait for Black Friday, at this time you can also get this phone at a very low price. Just for that, you have to be a little active, you have to see which site is getting the cheapest iPhone.



Final Words:-

Friends, if you also have a dream that you can also buy iPhone, but your budget is falling short, then in such a situation you can buy iPhone at a cheap price, we have told you here 7 ways, using which you can buy iPhone at Discount Price. It can also be called Buy iPhone At Lowest Price in a way.

If you have any questions related to buying an iPhone at a low price or have any opinion, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.




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